An Introduction to Camp Hill Boys from the Head Boy

IMG_6307Camp Hill Boys is a school renowned for its consistently
excellent standings in the league tables, and as an institution we strive to achieve the highest standards in all academic endeavours. The rigorous selection process and unmatched quality of teaching guarantee that Camp Hill is in the limelight every year for its success in examinations. As a school however, we reach far beyond the confines of academia, and our focus is on delivering an all-encompassing education for our students to prepare them for their future. Camp Hill prides itself on providing a platform for people of all interests to pursue their ambitions; aspiring athletes, actors, musicians and medics are all at home here, as there are always opportunities for students to nurture their talents and follow their dreams.

Consistently, students emerge from Camp Hill not only with brilliant qualifications but also with the invaluable memories of an adolescence spent in a generous and friendly atmosphere. Often this is the thing most treasured by boys when they leave; as a relatively small school of around 800 pupils, Camp Hill provides the ideal environment for the formation of enduring friendships between students, which often extend across the traditional divide of age groups. The close-knit community of Camp Hill nurtures a strong competitive spirit which spurs students on in their studies and beyond.

As they pass through the school, pupils are greeted by a plethora of opportunities to explore their interests, whatever they may be. This is due to the devoted selection of staff who regularly give up time to coach sports teams, manage clubs and take students on school trips. The teachers are one of the best advertisements for the school, and we consider it a specialism of Camp Hill that teachers are able to provide entertaining lessons at the same time as imparting so much knowledge to students, regularly leaving pupils both extremely engaged and also enlightened at the end of every lesson.

In Camp Hill there is a focus on continued refinement and improvement in all aspects of life and this ethos is reflected not only in individual boys as they pass through their years here, but also in the school as a whole, with the continued introduction of new societies, sports and facilities. This year the new Science Block has made a welcome addition to the school, providing new labs and classrooms to keep the school top of the range in terms of teaching facilities.

Camp Hill is known mainly for its academic success, but truly it goes well beyond this, consistently providing every student with great education, enjoyment and ultimately a very bright future.

Richard Deutsch, Head Boy


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