Camp Hill Boys is proud to recognise that THREE of its Lower Sixth Students have gained a prestigious Arkwright Scholarship.                 

Salah Ayub 

I have recently been interested in hand made and vintage products. At the moment I am building a hobbit house in my back garden and intend for my scholarship money to go towards the material costs of the project. Through Arkwright and people I met at the ceremony, I have applied for work experience at Arup and  I am hopefully waiting for a work experience placement at network rail

A charity called Seafarers is sponsoring me and it aims to encourage and support young people like myself to take up a career to do with working on the sea. I have spoken to my sponsor and she have many contacts in the industry I am most I interested in; yacht design. I hope to gain the opportunity to have a work experience placement to at a yacht design company in the foreseeable future.



Dominic Poole

By being awarded the scholarship, we are given a financial reward which I going to use to purchase some CAD software so that I can start to design models of my own. Also, the Scholarship means that we are invited to talks and open days around the country, and I have taken advantage of this by attending the Scholar’s reception at the University of Nottingham and a webinar on Hydraulics in aircraft.

I am being sponsored by the University of Leicester, a university that is well-known for its Engineering courses, and has close links to the National Space Centre, which is ideal for Aerospace Engineering, which is the field I am most interested in working in. As part of the sponsorship, I have been offered mentoring by students at the university and I have been invited to look round and potentially use some of their testing facilities to help further my knowledge in engineering.

In the future I would like to do an Aeronautical/Aerospace degree and from there work for a company such as Airbus or Boom Supersonic to help to design one of the new supersonic passenger aircraft that are going to be developed in the future. Another potential engineering route would be to work in aerodynamic design for an F1 team, as I love both racing and travel, and so this would be ideal.



Jamie John

Gaining the Arkwright scholarship has been a great privilege for me.

Benefits of the award include mentoring, financial help, networking, and enrichment events such as lectures, competitions and third party events. I have already attended Arkwright talks on application to universities in the USA and their special event at the University of Birmingham Open Day. I have found these useful in helping me to narrow my choice of universities and I will continue to take advantage of the opportunities that the scholarship affords.

I am using the financial award that comes with the scholarship in order to further my understanding and interest in engineering. I have already bought books on the technical and social aspects of it and I am learning to use CAD proficiently using one such book.

My sponsor for the scholarship is UTC Aerospace Systems, one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defence products. The company designs, manufactures and services integrated systems and components for the aerospace and defence industries.  For more information about the company, visit the website at or follow them on Twitter: @utcaerosystems


The branch of the company I am linked with is based in Wolverhampton. They have offered me paid work experience in the summer holidays, which will help build my skills in the industrial sector and enable me to work on real life problems with the very best engineers.

I have had the opportunity to meet my mentor, Craig Christie. He was very enthusiastic and supportive of my ideas and has put me in touch with other engineers at the plant with whom I have discussed aspects of engineering.

On completion of my A Levels, I would like to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at a Russell Group university. Those I am currently considering include Leeds, Imperial College London and Cambridge. I hope to spend a few years in industry, gaining experience and then to set up my own engineering business, possibly in the manufacturing sector. I would like to create systems that utilise new and efficient technology.



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