AQA General Studies Specification A, and the attendant programme of enrichment tutorials, are part of the wider 16-18 curriculum for all students in the Sixth Form at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys. All students attend one timetabled session a week in years 12 and 13.
AS level General Studies is examined for all Year 12.
A2 level General Studies is an optional exam for some Year 13.

Curriculum from September 2015

Examined at AS for all Year 12, and at A2 level as an optional A level, the AQA specification content, themed around Culture and Society and Science and Society, offers an opportunity for an exploration of contemporary themes and issues that may lie outside the students chosen A level courses, contributing to the broader learning experience in our Sixth Form. Teachers are free to develop their tutorial sessions, which include, e.g., decision making exercises, Information Technology issues and an introduction to cooking skills.

Lower Sixth

AQA AS General Studies Specification A 1761
General Studies is timetabled for one lesson a week. The topics are based to some extent upon the AQA specification, but increasingly, at both AS and A2 level, we are seeing this timetabled Period as an opportunity to give the students some awareness of contemporary issues beyond those addressed in the taught academic courses. The two General Studies AS examinations, GENA1 and GENA2, are each supported by two lessons from each of the five teachers. The Lower Sixth is divided in to six groups with each one moving on to the next session after two weeks. The sixth session, presented by Dr Varma, is an introduction to the application process for Higher Education, including advice on personal finance.
Year 12 are briefed on exam content and practice the multiple choice elements of GENA1 and GENA2.
GENA1 and GENA2 are examined in June.

Upper Sixth

AQA A2 General Studies Specification A A2761
General Studies is timetabled for one lesson a week. Again, the topics are partly inspired by the AQA specification, but they also fulfil some of our enrichment to the 16-18 curriculum beyond A levels. Each of the two examinations, GENA4 and GENA3, is supported by a succession of five, two lesson sessions, by each of the five teachers. The Upper Sixth is divided in to five groups with each one moving on to the next session after two weeks.
For those students who have opted to take A2 level AQA General Studies, GENA3 and GENA4 are examined in June of Year 13. GENA3 entry is supported by two tutorials in essay structure and the of argument.

The GENA4 Case Study

There is a GENA4 Case Study document available from April 1st and after considering the themes of the sources provided, teachers can then offer their viewpoints in open discussion with the students in a series of timetabled sessions
This Case Study consists of a booklet of document sources that relate to a common theme from the taught General Studies specification. We are not given the examination questions, but the Case Study documents are introduced and studied in detail over three discussion sessions and students get a broad perspective on the material as examination preparation.

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