The MFL department has awarded the following students Linguist of the Month.


7 – Adnan Chowdhury for impressive results since the beginning of the year and his enthusiasm in lessons.

8 – Sam Gray for being an excellent French mentor to his peers as well as an extremely talented linguist.

9 – Prem Mistry for a great improvement in his writing.

10 –  Jake Holloway for consistently exceptional work in class and at home

11 –  Murtaza Nomani for producing highly accurate and creative pieces of writing and having an extremely sound knowledge of verbs and grammar.



7 – Amber Kumar for being outstanding in lessons, homework and assessments as well as his enthusiasm.

8 – Sanjay Suresh for excellent class work and contributions to lessons, and always lots of effort put into written homework.

9 – Joe Clark for an improvement in his written work and his contributions in class

10 – Ollie Reilly for a magnificent effort on his written controlled assessment

11 – Hassan Hassan for phenomenal class effort and attitude towards his learning as well as outstanding homework