Mervyn Brooker (1954-2019)
The school was deeply saddened to hear of Mervyn Brooker’s death on 23 January after a very short illness.
Mervyn was Headmaster of Camp Hill Boys from 1995-2002 when he left to take up the corresponding role at Bolton School Boys Division.
As well as being a wonderful teacher and head teacher, Mervyn was a superb cricketer.  (His Wikipedia entry expands on his cricketing exploits.)
Mervyn is affectionately remembered by colleagues, old boys and their parents alike.  He had a deep empathy for the boys and the staff at the school.  He earned enormous respect for his decency, honesty and integrity.  A colleague once told me he was ‘too straight for his own good’, meaning that he would always strive to do what he believed was right and fair, even if there was an alternative that would make his life easier.  He was generous with praise and encouragement and sparing with criticism.
In his last email to me, a fortnight before he died, he referred to grandchildren, travel and watching sport; watching Wolves beat Liverpool the night before, drinking beer with previous King Edward’s colleagues in December and climbing a 6000 metre (yes, 6000m) peak in October.  He referred to his great affection for CHB and Staffordshire (meaning cricket).  What a rich, full retirement indeed!
Mervyn was a special, extraordinary man; he will be deeply mourned by his wife, daughters and those beloved grandchildren; and also by those of us who were privileged to know him.
Martin Garrod
Mervyn Brooker’s funeral will take place on Wednesday 20 February.
Noon at St Peter’s Collegiate Church, WV1 1TY; afterwards at Molineux (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC).  (Family and close friends will attend the cremation at Bushbury Crematorium.)