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News - Latest News - 2013 - 2014
Stop Press - National Cipher Challenge

The National Cipher Challenge is a nationwide, online code breaking competition which sees students pit their wits against 'Harry' in a bid to crack codes as quickly and accurately as possible. In the penultimate round, 'The Modest Geniuses' (Sam England, Tom Else and Matt Else) were one of eight teams to be awarded a £25 prize for correctly decrypting the 'A' challenge. The boys have been competing for several years, and thoroughly deserve this prize.
Musical Success

Matija Novovic (Violin), Harry Atkinson (Double Bass), Siddharth Sharma (Voice) and Fazal Shah (Recorder)

We are delighted with the success of four of our talented musicians.

Siddharth Sharma (9S)

Siddharth has been a chorister in Birmingham Cathedral Choir for five years, and rose to become Head Chorister in his final year. In the summer he was presented with choir’s Chorister of the Year Award 2013.

Matija Novovic (11X)

Matija plays violin with the Birmingham Schools Symphony Orchestra, the Academy Chamber Orchestra and school Concert Orchestra. He recently gained a Diploma on the violin with distinction.

Fazal Shah (11X)

Fazal is a member of the Birmingham Schools’ Recorder Sinfonia, and earlier in the year played a recorder concerto with the Solihull Symphony Orchestra. He recently gained a Diploma on the recorder.

Harry Atkinson (10X)

Harry is a member of the CBSO Youth Orchestra, Academy Chamber Orchestra and school Concert Orchestra. After lengthy auditions earlier in the term, he was delighted to find out that he has gained a place in the prestigious National Youth Orchestra.
Music Results
Many congratulations to the large number of boys who were successful in the Associated Board or Trinity ‘grade’ examinations last term.

Name Instrument Grade Class
Henry Campos Guitar 1
Dhyan Naik Guitar 1
George Downing Drums 2
Aakash Masani Flute 2 Merit
Alex Lee Flute 2 Merit
Alfie Green Alto Saxophone 2 Merit
Soumitra Chakravarti Guitar 2 Distinction
Abhijit Pandit Violin 3
Puney Jain Guitar 3
Thomas Mansfield Guitar 3
Joseph Malt Guitar 3 Merit
Daniel Faulkner-Moss Saxophone 3 Merit
Primo Agnello Clarinet 3 Distinction
Stephen Mander Drums 4
Siddharth Sharma Alto Saxophone 4
Albert Chang Violin 4 Merit
Max Johnson Trumpet 4 Distinction
Ravi Bange Clarinet 4 Distinction
Philip Beckett Theory 5
Ishmael Silvestro Violin 5
Sanchudaan Murugesu Violin 5
Wesley Blackhurst Bass Guitar 5 Merit
Fazal Shah Violin 5 Merit
Joseph Meehan Clarinet 5 Distinction
Kushal Varma Piano 6
Azeem Hanjra Timpani 6 Merit
Richard English Double Bass 7 Merit
Edward Lawrence Piano 7 Merit
Andrew Hawkin Oboe 7 Merit
Samuel Way Bassoon 7 Distinction
Azeem Hanjra Piano 8 Merit
Max Cheung Guitar 8 Merit
Kyle Reed Piano 8 Merit

Special mention must be made of two extra outstanding results.

Alex Naylor gained grade 8 in piano with distinction earlier in the year. This summer he added to this grade 8 in both Clarinet and Alto Saxophone, again with distinction.

And Matija Novovic, in Year 11, gained a Diploma in violin with distinction. This is the level above grade 8.

Name Instrument Grade Class
Alex Naylor Alto Saxophone 8 Distinction
Alex Naylor Clarinet 8 Distinction
Matija Novovic Violin Diploma Distinction