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News - Latest News - 2014 - 2015
Senior Team Maths Challenge
Later in November, we hosted the Senior Team Challenge which attracted 25 team entries, 24 of whom turned up. This is a competition for teams of four, and we entered an A team and a secret B team. The A team, consisting of Sam England and Giles Moss of Year 13, Muhammed Khan of Year 12 and Anthony Lim of Year 11, made one error in Round 1 and one error in the cross-number in Round 2 (BIDMAS, anybody?) which put them in equal first place going into the final round. This was a “shuttle” round where answers depended on the previous answer, with a bonus for finishing quickly, so the boys had to work accurately under pressure. This they managed admirably, scoring 60 out of 60. No other team came anywhere near them, so they won the whole competition by something over 20 points. The B team, consisting of Uthman Mahmud of Year 13, Rasched Haidari, David Johnson and Thomas Wemyss of Year 12, finished in a very creditable seventh and showed that, for once, we had the team selection the right way round! The A team go forward to the national final in London next term.
British Biology Olympiad

In the last week of January, a group of Lower Sixth students took part in the British Biology Olympiad, which is designed to encourage students interested in Biology, by developing knowledge of a wider curriculum than A-Level. The Olympiad consists of two one-hour long papers, with multiple choice format questions.

The students performed very well, with Omar Mohammad, Adil Iqbal, Oliver Millington and Thomas Alan Wemyss achieving Silver medals, indicating that they placed in the top 18% nationally. Muhammed Ubaid Khan, Sulamaan Rahim, Chandar Jaipal achieved Silver awards, and Arvinjot Uppal obtained a Highly Commended award, indicating performance for them all in the top 49% of participants, which includes both Upper and Lower Sixth students.

All participants are well deserving a thorough congratulations for their work and effort.
Chemistry Top of the Bench Competition

On Saturday a crack team of Chemists comprising of Paul Gardner (Y11), John Hayton (Y10), Alex Lee (Y9) and Ibrahim Ezzeldin (also Y9) attended the regional final of the Royal Society of Chemistry Top of the Bench competition at the University of Birmingham.
The students
The challenge involved a 45 minute quiz and an 80 minute practical where they were required to work together to solve an unfamiliar problem. They were judged on their subject knowledge, practical skills and the precision of their results.

Competition was stiff with rival teams representing KES, Bromsgrove School, Warwick School and Kings’ High School and, with only half a point separating the top three teams at the end, it was almost too close to call, but our boys achieved victory with 105 points to Bromsgrove and Warwick’s 104½, proving that we really are a cut above the rest.

The team now go through to the national final at Loughborough University in April.
Sixth Form Lectures at Warwick University
Peter Wothers by Nathan Pitt, Department of Chemistry, Unniversity of Cambridge A group of year 12 and 13 Chemistry students were treated to a day of lectures at Warwick University on Friday 14th November.

We had the pleasure of the esteemed Dr Jamie Gallagher as the host for the day, and he later gave a talk on "Indestructible Energy" in which we were treated to a wide array of demonstrations of the meaning of energy and the units thereof, and we discovered the exact number of batteries that would be required to power a human for a day

The first lecture was on by Paul Monks, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Earth Observation Science from the University of Leicester, and described the application of continuous gas analysis techniques to the breath as a non invasive disease diagnostic method, along with their biochemical and chemical implications and advancements over recent years.

This was shortly followed by a talk by Dr Ann Dixon from the University of Warwick, in which she imparted both her profound scientific knowledge on proteins and their interactions, but also a description of the geographical diversity and richness of her studies. There was also a great deal of information regarding the use of chemistry to understand the structure and function of proteins, and the impact of this in the pharmaceutical industry.

After an engaging talk from a lead examiner on exam technique, the afternoon began with a lecture on the chemistry behind chocolate, by Professor Paul Walton. This involved some chocolate tasting, and a guarantee of the "best chocolate we had ever tasted". Indeed, the students were fully engaged, with some very enthusiastic contributions by David Johnson and other members of the school party, and everyone found the talk both informative and amusing.

The day was brought to an end by a speech by Dr Peter Wothers on "Gods, Devils, and Alcohol", which yielded a fascinating insight into chemical nomenclature, explored via taking examples from the chemicals contained within a bottle of shampoo.

Image by Nathan Pitt, Department of Chemistry, Unniversity of Cambridge
Lord Mayor’s Sixth Form Mega Quiz
A chance for redress was not slow in coming on 20 November in the Great Hall at Birmingham University, we were represented by 2 teams out of 32 from across the city in the Lord Mayor’s Sixth Form Mega Quiz – this is a team format where group decisions rather than speed on the buzzer is decisive. We were looking for a chance to repeat the victory made by Camp Hill Alpha two years ago, and to avenge losing out to (you guessed it) KES last year. Representing year 13 were Camp Hill Gamma and the Year 12s Camp Hill Delta. Delta played well in the early rounds and played their joker near the start to develop a healthy lead in the competition by the half way stage. KES, Bishop Vesey and Aston were all snapping at their heels. Gamma played it cautiously and, having finally played their joker on the Natural World, shot up the leaderboard – into second place. With two rounds to go it was Camp Hill’s trophy to lose, it became a question of which team could win out. When the scores from the final rounds on sport and 2014 were totted up: in 3rd place came KES, in second place on 91 points came Camp Hill Gamma and the winners were Camp Hill Delta with 92. A well deserved one-two. Happy times in the quizzing firmament, especially with alumnus Aled Walker going strong for Trinity Cambridge in University Challenge.
Schools Challenge
On 13 November we sent two teams to King Edward’s School to compete in the regional heats of the national Schools Challenge competition. We were able to field our strongest squad ever and had hopes to make good progress. In a knock-out format our teams of two seniors and two juniors (meaning up to year 10) needed to quickly get into the swing of things. After leading throughout, Camp Hill 2 were unlucky to miss out on the final buzzer question to Alcester Grammar and lost out 570-530, still it was a strong performance from Jacob Bruten, Gethin Bradnam, Rohan Kaya and Alfie Green who represented the school ably. The Camp Hill 1 team sailed through the early rounds defeating KES 3 and KEHS 1 by clear margins to make it through to the semi-finals, the furthest we had ever reached in the competition thus far. In the Semi, the team of Sulamaan Rahim, Nathan McClelland, Primo Agnello and Muhammad Ali won through by a margin of 610 to 280 and would meet old rivals KES 1 in the final. This last hurdle proved just too high and we finished as runners-up to a KES team which should go on to do very well in the national finals.
For Years 7 and 8, Readathon has taken up a decent chunk of teaching time, with the boys reading broadly for charity. Once again, it has been an excellent showing, with an impressive grand total of £3051 raised by the two year groups. The money goes to charities including CLIC Sargent and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, both of which do fantastic work all year round for ill children from all over the UK.
Animal Man Visit

Last half-term the Animal Man came in to talk about the adaptations of creatures across the globe. There were mammals such as meerkats and albino hedgehogs, reptiles such as snakes, and birds such as parrots. All of these have special adaptations which he explained to all the classes of Year 7. We learnt about adaptations like how the boa constrictor can climb trees to bask in the sun and how the meerkat has black rings around its eyes to block out the sunlight. We enjoyed holding the animals as it gave us a real experience as to what the animals are actually like!
European Day of Languages

On Friday 26th September, it was the European Day of Languages. Mrs Wells, a trilingual languages teacher, set up many activities during the day.

Mrs Wells, who teaches French and German, created a French and German “treasure hunt”, with sweets and chocolate as a prize. Students had to go round the school, collecting clues to lead them to the next teacher, who would give the next foreign language clue. The treasure took place on Friday afternoon and Monday with clues such as, ’un petit animal blanc,’ (a small white animal) which would have led to Ms. Lamb.

Sam Gray, who took part in the treasure hunt, alongside Noah Lloyd, Krishan Solanki, and Giovanni Trevisan, quoted, “It was good fun with tricky clues and lots of teachers to go through, the hardest being Miss Hunt.” The quintet were second to complete the treasure hunt, as Andrew Lim, Krish Agharwal, Amar Jandu and Sukhjote Sohal were the first.

A food tasting activity also took place in the afternoon. Food included a foreign ham, meatballs, and Mr. Renault’s own cheese baguette. There was a drink which, when diluted, was very tasty. Many people were lined up outside the classroom five minutes before the event started, showing they were eager to try some new foods.

Kevin Xu, a pupil from 7K said that the food tasting was very good with lots of foreign food that he would never have thought of trying before. He wants to try even more new foreign foods as the taster was very enjoyable. Mr Renault’s cheese baguette was the best though!

One other activity was to make a presentation on a language you knew or on a French-speaking country. Pupils such as Giovanni Trevisan, Sukhjote Sohal and Shaunak Dabir, who speak foreign languages, gave presentations in class on them. Other countries, such as Monaco, were also shown. There were several languages that were demonstrated ranging from Punjabi to Chinese. Josh Malhi said that it was very fun to learn the basics of new languages and to present his own.

Overall, the day was a complete success with many activities being enjoyed by several students throughout the whole school.