In January a team of keen Chemists: Dylan Datta (Y9), Farhaan Awais (Y9), Aarondeep Singh (Y10) and Hamzah Iqbal (Y11) ventured to the brand-new Collaborative Teaching Lab to take part in the Midlands final of the RSC Top of the Bench competition.

The boys had to complete a written test of their Chemistry knowledge, followed by a team practical activity in the new lab. This year’s task was to work out the number of waters of crystallisation in an unknown solid, using mass changes during a reaction with hydrochloric acid.

The boys found the experiment to be mostly straightforward, and had worked safely and well as a team. The final scored were very close: in joint third place were KE Five Ways and KE Camp Hill Girls, in second was Concord College, and in first place was.. KE Camp Hill Boys!

Their success at this event now qualifies the boys to take part in the National final of the competition, to be held at the University of Birmingham in March.