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Foreword by the Headmaster

The original school opened at Camp Hill, close to the city centre, in 1883 and moved to Kings Heath in 1956 because the original site was proving too small for a growing school. Now, Camp Hill Boys shares a beautiful campus with our sister school and can genuinely claim to be one of the highest achieving and best equipped schools in the country.

We are a relatively small community of 720 boys, who get on well together. The boys are inspired by their excellent, well qualified teachers and are supported by parents, Governors and Old Boys. As a result therefore every year, Camp Hill Boys features prominently in national league tables for examination results and value added statistics which measure the attainment and progress of the boys. However, for most of the boys, most of the time, priorities usually lie elsewhere - in sport, music, drama, chess and the breathtaking range of activities and opportunities available at Camp Hill.

These views of the school were supported by Ofsted reports in 2000, 2006 and 2009 which judged the school to be "outstanding". More importantly, the Inspectors found that Camp Hill was committed to go on improving, stating it has a "relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the school's work".

Hopefully, this website will give you a flavour of our school. Education for able boys should be about challenge and enjoyment. They should feel supported and cared for as they grow up in a community which expects and delivers the highest standards.

This is what Camp Hill Boys is all about - come and join us...

M J Garrod MA
GCSE Results 2014
Once again, students at Camp Hill have achieved outstanding results at GCSE. A staggering 14 students (Muhammed Khan, Adil Iqbal, Fazal Shah, Sulamaan Rahim, Ashvin Thomas, Shreshth Malik, William Maclean, Alex Lane, Thomas Wemyss, Joseph Malt, Arvinjot Uppal, Satnam Ajimal, Yogeshwar Gohil & Parvesh Konda) achieved 10 straight A* grades!

Many congratulations to the boys, their parents and the teachers!
Grammar Schools And Primaries Work Together
In response to questions we are receiving about 11+ tuition at our schools we would like to make the following statement.

We are not offering 11+ tuition, but we have been working with a group of primary schools to create some familiarisation sessions at our schools for bright children, primarily from schools in less privileged communities in the hope that more of them will be confident enough to apply to take the grammar schools entrance test (the 11+).

Working in such communities fulfils one of our charitable purposes - that the Schools of King Edward VI should be rooted in the communities that they serve and be responsive to the nature of those communities. In particular, all of the schools are committed to making themselves as accessible as possible to all pupils, whatever their background or circumstances.

We have been challenged to address the social mobility of children in education and the Government has urged selective schools (grammar schools) to increase the number of children in our schools who come from less privileged backgrounds. Whilst we recognise there are other less privileged families, at present we can only change our admissions criteria to assist children eligible for pupil premium and we can only work with the “tools” that we have been given by central Government.

Around 600 children from over 60 primary schools across Birmingham have visited our five free grammar schools and have taken part in a programme of fun based activities involving the development of skills in English, Maths, Non-Verbal/Verbal Reasoning, Problem Solving, Concentration and working to time. The sessions are free and we make it clear that attendance does not guarantee success in our competitive examination. The programme includes information about the Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham and what it takes to gain admission, but it is more about building aspiration and confidence. It is hoped that this will be of benefit to the children wherever they pursue their secondary education.

Once we have fully analysed the feedback from this pilot programme and further refined the activities and materials used, we intend to continue partnering with more schools in the City.
Train with the King Edward's Consortium
Train with KEC: www.teachkec.org.uk