Camp Hill was saddened to learn that Mike Southworth, who taught at the school for 50 years, died on the morning of 29th January 2020.
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Here is the new admission policy from 2020.

CHB 2020 admissions policy

CHB map

Additional information to follow.


Register for the Entrance Test


Register online at the Grammar Schools Website:

A home Local Authority preference form will also need to be completed by 31 October 2018. The LA will consider your application to each of the schools you have named on your home LA preference form. You can name up to six schools.
Results will be sent out by the Local Authorities on 1 March each year (or the next working day). (If your LA allows applications online then results may arrive sooner by email than those posted.)

Information on how places are allocated is given in your home LA booklet. Please read the booklet very carefully.

All LAs have an equal preference system so, if your child meets the criteria for two or more schools, the LA will offer you a place at the school you have ranked highest on the LA form. Therefore, if you put a grammar school first on your LA Form, but your child is not successful in the entrance test, you will not put at risk your chance of being offered a place at any other school you have listed. Your child’s application for other schools will be treated in the same way as every other application. For example, it will depend on the distance between your home and the school for most comprehensive schools. Remember, if grammar schools are you first choice, put them first on the LA preference form.

For more information about the King Edward’s Foundation, visit their website: