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Our Vision: A caring and inclusive community where everyone can do and be their best

Our Mission:

  • To enable us all to lead fulfilled and healthy lives
  • To build a welcoming community where we celebrate our diversity
  • To provide a wide breadth of curricular and extracurricular opportunities
  • To support members of our school in setting and achieving aspirational personal goals

Our Key Values:

  • Support: We support each other with care, respect, kindness and integrity
  • Resilience: We embrace challenge knowing that failure is not final, but a learning opportunity
  • Empowerment: We use coaching to empower everyone to achieve and flourish
  • Responsibility: We promote responsibility for personal development through metacognition
  • Improvement: We are committed to a professional obligation to improve our practice

Our Curriculum:

The curriculum at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys is ambitious, broad, far-reaching and deep all at the same time. The students at our school are highly talented, many are gifted in multiple ways, and most are well supported by their families and our local community. We aim to give them the highest quality experiences both in more traditional academic learning, and across a plethora of super-curricular activities, whilst preserving as much breadth as we can during all three Key Stages. When we talk about a broad curriculum we implicitly are referring to academic enrichment, sports, music, art, drama, citizenship, formal qualifications in academia, and life skills such as team work, leadership, listening, critical thinking, problem solving, debating, metacognition and coaching that will enable our students to become responsible, caring, and giving members of the communities in which they live.

Our common goal is for all members of the school (students and staff) to do the very best they can do and therefore to be the very best that they can be. This is a happy school, where students and staff thrive because their contribution to their own and others’ learning leads to a deep satisfaction and feeling of fulfilment. We stretch our learners as much as we can, teaching them to take risks where appropriate and to treat failure as an opportunity to learn. We have high, but realistic and personalised expectations for each member of the school community.

We recognise that many of our students will become leaders in their chosen fields. Our curriculum is unashamedly academic and knowledge-rich, as this gives our students the best possible chances to gain qualifications that enable them to pursue their career of choice. Our further ambition is that our students make the very best progress during their time here, so that they achieve outcomes that will allow them to compete with the best in the country. To that end we recruit, retain, support and train our staff to be experts and leaders and thus deliver a curriculum that often goes beyond the reach of examination specifications, and encourages students to see connections rather than blocks of knowledge. Staff support and training is informed by relevant research and examines tested developments in pedagogical approaches. We encourage all members of our community to be lifelong learners, who value education and knowledge for its own sake.

Our curriculum is not static. We review our offering in the light of relevant research and feedback from our students and staff. We pay close attention to ensure that all students, regardless of background, are able to access a curriculum that works for them. We work closely with students experiencing temporary or long term challenges such as physical or mental health difficulties and we adapt their individually tailored curriculum to fit their needs.

We follow a socially responsible curriculum that promotes important values such as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. To this end we support a constructive approach that enables students to discern facts from fiction, and to develop a keen understanding of other peoples’ views, feelings and culture, thus coming to their own well-rounded views after careful reflection. Where appropriate we vigorously challenge individuals who do not meet this aspiration. We expect all students to give back to the community as a recognition of the excellent support that they have received throughout their journey here.

We provide an inclusive community curriculum which promotes harmony, care, dignity, integrity, respect and understanding amongst all members of our school and beyond. Our ambition is for all members of the community to have the skills and tools to promote equality, diversity and inclusion within their own peer group and beyond.