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Sixth Form

Welcome to Camp Hill Boys Sixth Form

We are proud at Camp Hill Boys to be a school that fully represents Birmingham. We embrace diversity and inclusion, and believe that our students can go on to achieve great things. In 2024 we will be welcoming 180 students into our Sixth Form, with at least 60 of these joining us from other schools. We are pleased to welcome these students to our school and they will be provided with ample opportunity to integrate and be fully involved in the school community. Little needs to be said about the school’s exemplary academic record; but this does not define what Camp Hill is to the students. While study is supported at all times, everyone recognises that what defines a young person is more than their grades. Camp Hill thrives because of the wide range of extracurricular and super curricular activities open to students. Aspiring academics are supported through Olympiads and university lecturers, while those who perform at a high level in sport have a chance to compete across the region. We aim to provide more than a place to learn for students – Camp Hill is a place where young people can grow into intelligent, rounded individuals, who just so happen to also get some of the best grades nationwide.

 Mrs Katy Watkin, Head of Sixth Form

Forward by Head Prefect

Time spent at secondary school is a crucial period in the life of any young person. During this time, amongst other things, journeys of self-discovery are undertaken by many as we discover, without being melodramatic, who we are. As such, the role of the secondary school itself is crucial, facilitating progress both academically and personally from 11 to 18 years old. I believe that Camp Hill Boys is more than qualified to play a part in this journey and is capable of nurturing tomorrow’s scientists, artists and everything in between!

Camp Hill’s academic excellence goes without saying, but what is not common knowledge is the atmosphere that enables bright young minds to achieve such outstanding results. Camp Hill truly is a unique environment to learn in. For example, older students are able to take on the position of mentor to younger students, offering 1 to 1, tailor-made academic support to anyone who chooses to access this in a wide range of subjects. There is a mutual trust between students in different years and an air of kinship within the classroom that benefits all. If someone was to ask me for a definition of the word camaraderie, I would, without hesitation, point them towards Camp Hill.

Students have the valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of clubs and societies, encompassing a broad spectrum of interests. These encompass the Rubik’s Cube Club, Medical Society, and Engineering Society, to name just a few. Notably, if students can't find a club that aligns with their specific passions, they have the freedom to establish their own, allowing for even greater personal expression and the opportunity to build a community around their interests within our vibrant student body. These are almost all entirely student-led, affording individuals the freedom to delve into their unique niches and explore their passions to the fullest. Whether your passion lies in cinematic arts, the medical field, or the intricacies of debating, there's a place for you to connect, learn, and grow with like-minded individuals within the school community.

I would be missing a trick if you finished reading this believing that Camp Hill students' furthest venture is to and from the bus stop each day! Numerous school trips are offered throughout years 7-13, including the annual ski trip to St Anton in Austria, the Battlefields trip to France and Belgium offered to year 10 students studying GCSE History and the Senior Rugby and Football Tours, which last year took the students to Barcelona! This small snapshot of the overseas experiences afforded to Camp Hill students hopefully gives you a flavour of the extracurricular adventures that enrich the memories of boys year upon year.

Camp Hill is also no stranger to sporting prowess. Come rain or shine (but most often rain!), the Hockey, Rugby and Football teams all keep the groundsmen busy up until Easter and during the summer they pass the baton on to the Athletics and Cricket teams to provide entertainment for potential spectators. Sport at Camp Hill is constantly evolving, exemplified by the soon to be built all-weather pitch on the lower field. Sport at Camp Hill is supported and encouraged by a number of inclusive PE and Games staff, all helping to ensure students are making the most of their time here.

One aspect of Camp Hill that I feel perhaps doesn’t get quite the attention it deserves is its contribution to the arts. Drama and music are key figures in making Camp Hill what it is. Two drama productions take place every year, one senior and one junior, with students in year 12 or 13 having key roles in directing the junior performances. Recent titles of productions include “One Man, Two Guvnors”, “” and “Oliver” - both of which were enjoyed by staff, students and members of the public alike; not even mentioning the biannual production of CHAOS, a play that sees teachers and students performing together. Music is particularly strong here at Camp Hill, with many bands and ensembles that emphasise Camp Hill’s inclusive and creative qualities. The Christmas concert is an annual highlight, with “Santa Claus” usually making an appearance and showering the audience with all manner of edible treats! 

I alluded earlier to the dual responsibilities of a secondary school: the personal and the academic. Expanding on this, I believe that the task of a secondary school is to help students achieve their desired academic results and to ensure that when you leave, you are fully equipped to deal with the adult world. In this sense, I believe Camp Hill has most definitely succeeded and, cliché though it may be, Camp Hill is absolutely a place to call home. Perhaps equally as important, it is a place when in thirty, forty, fifty years time, you look back on your time in secondary school, it will be with fond memories of a place that helped you grow into the person you became.