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Vision & Values

Our Vision: A caring and inclusive community where everyone can do and be their best

Our Mission:

  • To enable us all to lead fulfilled and healthy lives
  • To build a welcoming community where we celebrate our diversity
  • To provide a wide breadth of curricular and extracurricular opportunities
  • To support members of our school in setting and achieving aspirational personal goals

Our Key Values:

  • Support: We support each other with care, respect, kindness and integrity
  • Resilience: We embrace challenge knowing that failure is not final, but a learning opportunity
  • Empowerment: We use coaching to empower everyone to achieve and flourish
  • Responsibility: We promote responsibility for personal development through metacognition
  • Improvement: We are committed to a professional obligation to improve our practice


The school's vision and values stand alongside those of the King Edward VI Academy Trust, of which we are a part. Those shared principles are attached below.