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Mr Ian Cattermole, Head of Department – Teaching KS3, KS4 & KS5
Mr Andrew Nash – Teaching KS3, KS4 & KS5
Mr P. Bruten – Teaching KS3
Mrs K. Hodges – Teaching KS3
Mr W. Taylor – Teaching KS3
Mr B. Singh – Full time Technician

Student Galleries

In the galleries below, you can find some examples of previous Design and Technology coursework by Camp Hill sixth form students:

In addition, some of our students have won awards at various external events:

Duke of York Award for Creative Use of Technology

Alan Egan explaining his product

Alan Egan receiving the award

List of Design Technology Sites


Years 7, 8 and 9

All students at Camp Hill Boys study Design and Technology at KS3.
To cater for the variety of previous experience of our Year 7 intake, students are provided with a Foundation course during Year 7. They study four modules including:

  1. A baseline assessment;
  2. A graphics course, which concludes with an introduction to a CAD package (ProDesktop);
  3. There follows a design and make task specifically aimed at introducing and assessing their knowledge of the design process. The outcome is realised in metal, providing an opportunity to introduce the marking out and wasting tools associated with that material;
  4. The year concludes with a manufacturing project utilising all three resistant materials. This project assesses making skills and introduces the use of jigs and lathe processes. This has recently been in the form of a balancing Parrot.

Year 8 modules are designed to expand upon previous knowledge and introduce newer technologies. Pupils undertake projects, which investigate structural principles and electronic components. Further opportunities are provided to undertake design and make tasks, including the production of PCBs, soldering and the use of CAD/CAM.

Year 9 modules are specifically designed to provide pupils with experience of project work, which closely resembles the sort of task undertaken in the two GCSE options. At this stage, pupils are introduced to software packages used in a systems approach to problem solving and a manufacturing task requiring accurate marking out and cutting of materials. All KS3 modules are designed to cover areas of the National Curriculum and are assessed, to form the teacher assessment of the pupils’ Design and Technology capability at this level.

Years 10 and 11

In Years 10 and 11 pupils can opt for one of two subjects in Design and Technology:

  • AQA Resistant Materials
  • AQA Systems and Control (Electronics option).

Approximately 60% of the year group opts for one of these subjects and the department prides itself upon the results that its pupils achieve. Great importance is placed upon the coursework module and it has become a recent trend to utilise students skills in ICT to publish the project folders.

Sixth Form

Over recent years the popularity of the AQA Product Design A Level option has increased with numbers boosted by new sixth formers and students from Camp Hill Girls taking the subject. Once again, emphasis is put on providing students with a wide variety of design experiences.