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Economics is a new subject available for study in the 6th form. It is not offered at GCSE at Camp Hill, but this does not disadvantage any student. It is a popular choice and many students so enjoy their studies that they decide that they want to pursue the subject at University (even if their original intention was study another subject!). 

Of these students several students each year manage to gain a place studying Economics at Cambridge (the most difficult course to win a place on) or alternatively study at other Oxbridge colleges. In addition, many students win places at the LSE and alternative Russell group universities. 

The programme of study begins with the issue of scarcity of resources in comparison to the wants and needs of society that forms the reason for the importance and relevance of Economics.  Once this issue is examined via the use of the Production Possibility Frontier we then look at how competitive markets respond to the needs and desires of the consumer. Later on in the course we switch to macroeconomics and develop the students' analytical skills to exam such issues as inflation and economic development.  

Many potential students are worried that they will need exemplary mathematical skills to study a subject that they really want to do. Can I please put your mind at rest and state that you need to be a competent mathematician only and the ability to write a reasoned argument that makes use of evidence is just as an important skill.


We currently follow the Pearson (Edexcel) curriculum. 

In Economics we learn about both Microeconomics (this is the economics that deals with the economic activity of individual people and businesses) and Macroeconomics (this is the economics of both the national and global economies)


There are numerous internal assessments that enable a student to understand their current level of progress so that they know what areas they are doing well in and where they need to focus further effort upon.

These include exam practice questions that enable a student to practice (under timed conditions) their ability to write an essay that provides not only the understanding of Economics that the exam board are looking for to be produced by a high grade student but also that the format of the answer (e.g. Knowledge, application, analysis and evaluation sections).

As part of this process all students are offer numerous levels of support including small group work or alternatively individual support. Any and all students who request help will be given it and this is entirely possible in classes with an average size of fifteen students. 

The students' A level assessment is via three A level papers:

  • Paper 1 Markets and Business Behaviour that deals with microeconomics.
  • Paper 2 The National and Global Economy that deals macroeconomics
  • Paper 3 Microeconomics and Macroeconomics that deals (as you doubtless guessed) with both aspects of Economics.

Further details about examination assessment are available from the Pearson website

Thank you for the interest you have shown in Economics and if you would like more information than I have been able to give in this brief introduction please do not hesitate to contact me on my email address 

Thank you again

A Gething