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In English we offer a vibrant and interesting start to life at Camp Hill, aiming to inspire students to read and engage with the subject.

During lessons we focus on the key skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening.  All students from Years Seven to Eleven study English – with Key Stage Four students undertaking GCSEs in Language and Literature.  The Department also offers an A’Level option in English Literature for Years Twelve and Thirteen.

Key Stage Three

At Key Stage Three, we endeavour to inspire our students with a varied diet of texts and activities.  For example, in Year Seven they learn about the life and plays of William Shakespeare, whilst in Year Nine we begin by studying genre fiction and read texts such as Susan Hill’s excellent: ‘A Woman in Black’.

In addition, we work closely with the School Library to ensure that all students become keen and enthusiastic readers.

In Year Seven students have one lesson every two weeks that is dedicated to reading.  Furthermore, all students in Key Stage Three complete reading tasks that illustrate their wider independent reading.

Key Stage Four

At Key Stage Four, students study the AQA GCSE courses in English Language and Literature.

The Literature Course

Students are required to study a:

  • Shakespeare play
  • A 19th Century novel
  • A modern British text written after 1950
  • Selected poetry from an AQA Anthology

In addition, they need to learn to analyse unseen poems, as this forms an important element of their Literature examinations.

The Language Course

This is taught alongside the Literature element of the course and students are encouraged to read a variety of texts independently, including quality fiction and non-fiction.


Drama is not taught as a discrete subject at Camp Hill, however we ultilise a range of drama strategies within lessons and see it as an important element of our teaching.

In addition, the English Department supports all of the drama activities that go on within school and boys have opportunities to take part in both Junior and Senior Drama productions.  This year’s production for Junior Drama was ‘Lord of the Flies’.  Furthermore, some of our students go on to take drama related A’level courses at Camp Hill Girls’, which helps to further the links between the two schools.

Extra Curricular Activities

Students are offered opportunities to take part in a wide variety of extra curricular activities in English.  In previous years we have run events such as Media Days, evening events focused around Poetry and Music.  This year we have a number of events coming up include theatre trips to Stratford and the Rep Theatre in Birmingham, workshops run by visiting speakers, debating competitions and so on.

English Department Resources

Here are a few resources that may well be of interest to pupils and parents. Including reading lists and an introduction to English at Camp Hill. Feel free to download and make use of these resources.

Wider reading list – year 7

Wider reading list – year 9

Parents’ introduction to English at Camp Hill

Parents’ introduction to English at Camp Hill – Year 9

Poem Anthology

Year 7 and 8 Analytical mark scheme

Year 7 and 8 Argumentative mark scheme

Year 7 and 8 Creative mark scheme

Year 7 and 8 Speaking and Listening mark scheme

Year 7 Curriculum Map