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Info for Employers

We are always looking for volunteers from the world of work to get involved in our careers education and work related curriculum. Here are just a few examples.


Do you work in the Film, TV or Media industry? We are running a film club at lunchtimes for KS3 to highlight this creative and technical industry. We are keen to get professional people, into school or virtually, to showcase their professions. 


In Year 7 we highlight careers in STEM by showcasing Space research and technology. We are always keen to involve professionals, explorers, pioneers, and innovators; to help inspire our pupils into careers in air and space. Could you help?


In Year 8 we highlight the diversity of careers in Health Care, from Audiologist to Specialist Paramedic. With over 1.7 million employees and more than 350 different careers, the NHS needs new innovators. Can you help us showcase your career to inspire our pupils to be the next generation?


In Year 9 we are running an Environmental Careers Day in January 2022. We would like to highlight the range of new professional positions arising to combat climate change. Could you help?


In Year 10 we run two Careers Detective events - a game of 'Who am I' where our pupils guess your profession by asking you pertinent questions about your everyday professional activities. Could you help inspire our pupils to pursue a career they have never come across before?


In Year 11 we run and employability and skills for the work place programme and arrange work experience placements. Could you offer a placement for one of our pupils in July?


In Year 12 we run a Higher Education and Careers Day in March where we need a whole range of people to highlight careers by giving short talks. Could you help?


In Year 13 we help our students perfect their employability skills for their university and apprentice applications by giving them mock interviews. This happens in the evenings in November, could you help with this?


If you would like to discuss the ways in which you or your organisation could be involved then please contact Laura MacKenzie or Lorna May for more information.


For more information about Employer Contributions please see