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Camp Hill Community Hub

20th May 2024

Consultation for Significant Changes Guidance

We are very excited to be writing to you to share the news of our proposed new building at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys.

For some time now the school has been in need of more physical space to accommodate our students.  We need five more changing rooms which will replace some of the temporary blocks currently acting as changing facilities.  We need more dining space for the students to be able to eat indoors.  We need to double the capacity of our toilet facilities.  We need four more classrooms as well as office space and storage space.

The new Camp Hill Community Hub (CHCH) will provide all of this for our hard working students and staff and it will go a long way to relieving the current pressures in corridors and rooms across the rest of the school.

The CHCH will also provide facilities available for use by the local community during evenings and weekends and offer a flexible space where small rooms and larger performance or meeting spaces will be available for hire.

The building will be constructed with modern techniques in an attempt to minimise impact on the local ecology and will be sited on an area where none of the current facilities or sports fields are compromised.

Whilst there will be some onsite disruption during the construction phase this solution, which effectively meets four key requirements in one build, will be much more efficient in terms of time and cost than a staged approach involving multiple smaller projects.

We are inviting your views on this exciting project, and we ask you to contact us on between the dates of 20th May 2024 and 10th June 2024 if you have any questions or comments. We have not yet submitted a planning application for this project; there will be an opportunity for feedback on the physical design of the CHCH when the project reaches the formal planning stage. 

Best wishes,

Russell Bowen